CoEnzyme Q10

Fighting Fatigue? New Study Says Reach for This Supplement

We all wish we could get a boost of energy to fight fatigue throughout the day. Now, a new study shows that taking one supplement can offer up just that. Best known for providing impressive heart health perks, coenzyme Q10 has been shown to help fight excessive inflammation, curb free radical damage and ward off memory trouble....

Are You Taking the Wrong Kind of CoQ10? (The Surprising Truth Is You Probably Are…)

If you suffer from low energy, cloudy thinking, muscle pain or other vague symptoms, the solution could be as simple as correcting this nutritional deficiency.

Statin Users: This Nutrient May Be the Answer to Your Prayers

Research suggests boosting intake of this nutrient may be an easy way to alleviate pain and discomfort that is often a side effect of taking statin drugs.

Eat This with That: 8 Foods You Should Eat Together for Better Health

Here are seven complementary nutrient combinations that work together to boost your health.

7 Out of 10 Cardiologists Recommend CoQ10 to Patients Taking Statins

While statins are helpful in lowering LDL cholesterol, the negative side effects are often down-played. Patients often aren’t aware that these drugs can increase their risk of diabetes, memory loss, cataracts and nerve damage. Statins can also cause pain, weakness and damage to your muscles. And remember. Your heart is the most important muscle...

10 Surprising Tips for Optimizing Your Blood Pressure

Before opting to spend the rest of your life of blood pressure normalizing drugs, consider a few of these tips.

CoQ10 May Help You Beat Chronic Depression

CoQ10 is beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart and protecting the brain. A new study indicates may also aid those with chronic depression.

Study Finds Long-Term Statin Use Surprisingly Ineffective

If patients were clearly told the truth about the potential long-term results of statin use, would they still opt to use them?

Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene Shield Against Alzheimer’s Dementia

These two easy-to-obtain nutrients may offer up added brain health protection.

Hearts Are Healthier with CoQ10

One more study shows that CoQ10 is terrific for your ticker.