Why Curcumin Deserves to be Called the “King of All Spices”

Think this "King of All Spices" is just for inflammation and brain health? Think again. Here's more about all of the clinically-backed health perks curcumin boasts. (Prepare to be impressed.)

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Inflammation can become a chronic condition. Luckily, a few anti-inflammatory supplements can help save the day.

4 Tips to Lower Chronic Pain Now

Here are four ways you can naturally reduce overall inflammation in your body and thus reduce chronic pain.

Study Finds Curcumin Rivals Antidepressants in a BIG Way

Curcumin, a constituent of the spice turmeric, may relieve depression symptoms.

Brain Impairments? Curcumin to the Rescue (Again)

Age-related cerebrovascular dysfunction, conditions affecting the blood vessels of the brain, is epidemic in our culture. But now, promising findings of a recent study suggest curcumin may be an effective solution.

Review Finds Antidepressants Are No Better Than Placebos

Past studies that show that antidepressants have little effect on patients taking them, have been hidden from the public. Now new findings prove however, that there is a natural alternative that comes without the hefty side effects.

6 Ways Curcumin Can Benefit Your Pet’s Health

Sweeping the nation as the healing king of all spices, curcumin has been shown to be nothing short of a natural health miracle for humans. But can curcumin help enhance the health of your pet too? The research says YES!

Curcumin Reduces Symptoms of Major Depression More Than 50%

A new study finds curcumin, a component of the spice turmeric, may be a potent depression fighter. The latest evidence adds to the results of a 2014 study that showed the spice was as effective as the antidepressant Prozac. Since prescription drugs for the disorder have been linked to serious problems like suicidal thoughts...

Can a Teaspoon of Turmeric a Day Prevent Cancer?

In recent decades, scientists have found curcumin, the constituent of turmeric that imparts the characteristic yellow color, has value for dementia, depression, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer and more.

Can You Trust the Turmeric Spice in Your Cabinet?

Don’t let the reports of impurities dissuade you from cooking with turmeric, as it is truly a wonder spice, filled with powerful health-enhancing properties. Even if you take a supplement that is standardized to contain 95 percent curcumin, it is also beneficial to include the spice in your diet. A nice bonus is that...