FDA Warns NSAIDs Increase Heart Attack Risk—Should You Reach for These Herbs Instead?

Turmeric, ginger and boswellia are three herbs that have the anti-inflammatory properties found in "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” (NSAIDs), but without the negative side-effects.

5 Nutrient-Rich, Non-Bloating Foods

Ever feel like certain “healthy” foods cause you some uncomfortable bloating, gas and constipation? Here are a few foods packed with vitamins, polyphenols and nutrients that can help you feel great without the bloat.

Acidic vs. Alkaline Foods

Some foods may seem obviously acidic such as citrus fruits and coffee. But, you may be surprised to learn that only one of these foods is actually acidic when metabolized in the body.

8 Unexpected Things That Rob You of Energy

Energy levels are impacted by so much more than just long days. Here are 7 things that can drain your energy levels, plus how to dodge the energy-sapping damage.

4 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Heartburn

The holiday season is the most gastronomically intense time of the year, resulting in many people experiencing heartburn after indulging in rich food and large portions. The good news is that there are things you can do to make digestion much more comfortable and prevent the occurrence of these symptoms.

What Your Bowel Movements Say About Your Health

Nobody likes to talk about their bathroom habits. But it’s hard not to wonder if your bowel movements are “normal” or not. 

Why Everyone Should Eat Broccoli Once Every 3 Days

Scientists are working on a way to increase the content of beneficial compounds found in broccoli, a superfood, already valuable for its many nutritional properties.

Probiotics for Women

It’s well known that probiotics can help support digestive health. But did you know that there are specific reasons women should consider supplementing with a probiotic supplement daily? Here are 5 ways probiotics can benefit a woman’s health. Relieve Constipation. One in four adults in North America experience constipation, with women and seniors most...

The Real Reason People Get Skinny When They Start Drinking More Green Tea

A study has discovered how green tea may help fight obesity – it reduces the amount of starch absorbed from food. While the body of research on the beverage’s weight loss effect is mixed, a certain method of using it is almost guarantees to take off the pounds.

Why You Need Fat in Your Diet

With all the talk of following a low-fat diet, it may surprise you to know that fat is essential to maintaining good health. Your body needs fat to perform critical functions. And without enough fat in your diet, your health can suffer. Here’s why a diet rich in healthy fats is so important. Fat...