Dirty Dozen

The 15 Foods You Must Buy Organic

This time of year when we tend to eat more fruit for its refreshing taste, but some fruit is GMO-laden and pesticide-covered. Here are some facts about GMO's and tips on eating fruit safely this season.

12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals You Must Avoid

The Environmental Working Group recently released its dirty dozen list. Learn more about these 12 worst hormone-altering chemicals.

12 Foods You MUST Buy Organic

The EWG's annual review of pesticide presence in fruits and vegetables will have you thinking twice before you opt for conventional produce over organic.

Got Pesticides? Apples Top the New “Dirty Dozen” List

The EWG has just released its now-infamous “Dirty Dozen” list of the most heavily chemically-tainted produce....but not everyone is impressed.

No More Excuses! 4 Ways to Make Buying Organic Easier

Years ago, the rules for good nutrition were simple: eat your fruits and veggies. It was as easy as that. But with recent discoveries about the dangers of food chemicals, what it means to eat healthfully is no longer quite as simple.