Blueberries Found to Boost Brain Activity

Blueberries have long been praised for their many nutritional benefits, but new research shows that blueberries even support cognitive function.

Doing This May Be the Key to Living to 100

Having a close network of friends and family around may be the secret to longevity, according to a book called The Village Effect by psychologist Susan Pinker.

Older People May Lose Ability to Filter Out Irrelevant Information

Recent research finds that older people can actually take in and learn from visual information more readily than younger people do. But it comes with a surprising problem. At the same time that visual learning improves as we age, we also appear to develop a decline in the ability to filter out irrelevant information....

Council for Responsible Nutrition Reacts to New Study on Calcium and Heart Health

Don't be alarmed by the recently published, poorly designed study on calcium and heart health. Here's a level-headed response issued by the CRN.