Doctors, Big Pharma or the FDA — Who’s Really to Blame for the Opioid Crisis in America?

The toll the opioid epidemic is taking on American lives is staggering. And despite the widespread attention it’s receiving by media outlets, the crisis is only intensifying, with blame being shot back and forth on all sides.

New Danger for Small, Organic Farmers?

The FDA’s new Food Safety Modernization Act is set to go into effect next year, and the government agency doesn't seem to care about how much this will put small, organic farmers at risk.

8 Deceiving Names for High Fructose Corn Syrup

The food industry is attempting to hide the ingredient "high fructose corn syrup" from the public by renaming it “fructose.”

The Side Effect of Statin Drugs That No One Is Talking About

New research links the intake of statin drugs to aggression in women, a finding that adds to the data indicating they can have a negative influence on the mind, even causing suicidal impulses and homicidal behavior.

Is the New Attack on Brain Health Supplements Putting Thousands of Other Supplements at Risk?

The attack on picamilon (a safe supplement combining the natural substances GABA and vitamin B3) spearheaded by the attorney general of Oregon, with the assistance of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), has likely been orchestrated by the US Food and Drug Administration. If picamilon is declared an illegal drug and driven off the market, it...

What You Need to Know About Genetically Engineered Salmon

The FDA is poised to ignored a federal ban on the passing of GE salmon as it moves forward with it's approval of the food.

New Evidence that These Popular Medications Are Causing an Epidemic of Violence

ANH-USA has researched dozens of the most high-profile cases of violent crimes over the last few decades. We found that in just under half of the cases (eleven out of twenty-three), the perpetrator was documented to be taking, or had recently stopped taking, some form of antidepressant or antipsychotic medication.

Meet the 75 Brands Still Lacing Your Food with a Dangerous Chemical

Food and beverage containers are among many household items that still today contain BPA and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

Three New FDA-Approved Diabetes Drugs May Cause Diabetic Comas

It is possible for many diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels close to a truly normal range with an integrative approach. Eating a healthy diet, taking the right nutritional supplements and botanicals, performing exercise daily, and limiting the use of prescription drugs -- are some natural ways to control or even reverse diabetes.

What Every Man Needs to Know if He’s Taking Testosterone Replacement Drugs

The FDA decided to make drug makers warn their patients that taking testosterone products could increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.