7 Compelling Reasons to Start Eating Chia Seeds

It seems impossible that such a little seed could pack such a nutrient-dense punch, but chia seeds defy the odds – probably even more so than you thought. Here are 7 reasons you may want to start adding chia seeds to every meal!

Your Brown Bananas Could Help Keep Cancer at Bay

A Japanese scientist found the more speckled the banana, the more cancer-fighting chemicals they contain.

The Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

Ever wonder what foods make you sleepy? How about the foods that keep you awake when you're trying to get sleep? Here is a list of some sleep inducers and sleep stealers.

A New and Nutty Way to Reduce Inflammation

In the 1980s, nuts were vilified because their high fat content was thought to promote weight gain. Now, after the past decade of research, scientists have found that these tasty, crunchy morsels are valuable for reducing the condition that leads to chronic disease.

High Fiber May be Key to Longevity

In an effort to cut through the noise, researchers set out to see if there was a simple dietary answer to our desire to age more healthfully and extend longevity.1 And given that previous research has shown that the simple act of adding adequate fiber to your diet can lower your risk of serious...

What Switching Your Diet for 2 Weeks Can Do For Your Colon Health

The results of a diet swap prove that making the proper food choices can produce a significant boost in colon health.

Four Essential Nutrients for Men

June is Men’s Health Month, an annual campaign designed to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. This is particularly important because the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, has found: Men...

Compound in This Herb Found to Destroy Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Recent research found that Artichokes, celery and herbs, particularly Mexican oregano have been found to contain flavonoids that kill human pancreatic cells.

Mystery Unlocked: How Fiber Curbs Hunger

Scientists now know the secret to dietary fiber's ability to suppresses appetite.