Blueberries Found to Boost Brain Activity

Blueberries have long been praised for their many nutritional benefits, but new research shows that blueberries even support cognitive function.

Dark Chocolate: The Perfect Antidote for a Midday Slump — You’re Welcome

Researchers at Northern Arizona University discovered that dark chocolate can boost attention levels and alertness as well as lower blood pressure.

Can Certain Berries Help with Weight Control?

A study comparing the obesity-fighting power of different foods found some fruits were among the most helpful for weight loss.

Nutrient Spotlight—Guggul

Also known as gugulipid, guggul is an extract derived from the sap of the Commiphora mukul tree, which is native to India. The sap has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries; in fact, a medical text dating back to 600 BC references the tree for use in treating atherosclerosis, or hardening of the...

Compound in This Herb Found to Destroy Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Recent research found that Artichokes, celery and herbs, particularly Mexican oregano have been found to contain flavonoids that kill human pancreatic cells.

Flavonoids From These Foods May Ward Off Diabetes

Consuming high levels of flavonoids, found in foods such as chocolate, tea, berries and wine, may help protect against type II diabetes.

Berries Clear Amyloid Brain Tangles to Fight Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Research suggests that eating berries regularly can help clear the plaques that exhibit frequently with dementia and other chronic brain diseases.

Add Years to Your Life and Lower Risk of Dementia By Eating This

These fruits contains a specific type of antioxidant that provides powerful brain protection.

Apple Peel May Help Prevent High Blood Pressure

Those who peel apples before eating them may be missing an important health benefit – aid in prevention of high blood pressure.

Drinking Black Tea Lowers the Risk of Developing Diabetes

Black tea may be an ally in your efforts to prevent diabetes.