Jujubes Cause Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct

New research found jujubes — the fruit, not the candy (sorry) — can program cancer cells to self-destruct. According to scientists from the Royal Society of Chemistry in the U.K., jujubes, more commonly known as red dates, likely cause cancer cell death by stimulating “internal stress” in tumors. In the study published in the...

The 15 Foods You Must Buy Organic

This time of year when we tend to eat more fruit for its refreshing taste, but some fruit is GMO-laden and pesticide-covered. Here are some facts about GMO's and tips on eating fruit safely this season.

This Diet May Save Your Eyesight

Researchers have found that following the Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk by one-third of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of blindness. The high fruit content of the diet was determined to be especially helpful.

The Amount of Fruit You Need to Eat to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

New research finds the more fruit you eat, the more you lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

A Healthy Snack That Doesn’t Use Gelatin

Learn about agar, a healthy substitute for gelatin that can be used to thicken pies, puddings and other desserts.

Apricots Protect Vision Better Than Carrots in Older Adults

Research finds eating several pieces of fruit per day, especially apricots, is better than carrots at protecting the vision of older adults.

Studies Prove Food Choices Influence Cancer Progression More than Genetics

Eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat can significantly lower cancer risk.

Confirmed: Drinking Fruit Juice Raises Diabetes Risk

Recent research debunks the popular belief that drinking fruit juices is healthy. These sugar-laden drinks can actually increase your risk of diabetes.

Compound Prevalent in This Diet May Hold Key to Stopping the Spread of Cancer

A new study finds that apigenin, a compound found in plant-based foods, may have the ability to stop the spread of cancerous cells.

9 Common Foods That Can Be Deadly (and How You Can Eat Them Safely)

Beware - some healthy foods may actually be poisonous and damaging to your health.