Is This the Best Diet for a Better Brain?

From protection against diseases to better aging, there are plenty of reasons to follow the Mediterranean Diet-- aside from the fact that it is simple to follow and delicious. Now, new research is adding yet another item to the list of reasons to consume the Mediterranean diet—healthier brain tissue.

Expert Tips to Break Free of Your Junk Food Cravings

If you crave processed foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat, you aren’t alone. These foods are addictive, much in the same way that drugs are. They can trigger cravings that can send you off on a binge. And if you try to cut them out of your diet, you could find...

6 Foods to Use Instead of Medication

Not every type of ailment or illness needs to be treated with medication, in fact, many types of conditions may be effectively treated naturally by consuming beneficial foods. Considering the high costs and long lists of side effects associated with many types of medication, choosing to treat your condition with food—at least before resorting...

This Cooking Technique Removes Calories From Rice

Scientists have good news for people who consume rice as a staple in their diets, as they have found a new way to cook the food that makes it healthier.

Why Teff is the New Super Grain on the Block

Teff just may replace quinoa as the new super grain.

6 Easy Steps to Improved Digestion

If you experience digestive disorders, you may benefit from experimenting with with a FODMAPS diet.

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Is consuming high amounts a quinoa an ethical misstep?

Could The Carbs You Love Cause Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Excess carbohydrate intake could ultimately destroy your brain's ability to use sugar effectively, leading to a host of potential brain health complications.

Why These Are The 7 Trendiest Foods Right Now

Thanks to efforts of many popular chefs and health food advocates, organic, sustainable, raw and healthy foods are quickly becoming all the rage in restaurants.

Soak Those Grains

Whole grains are part of a well-balanced diet. The portion of a whole grain that makes it good for us – packed with fiber, iron, and B vitamins – also contains phytic acid, a substance in the grain that prevents premature sprouting. Too much phytic acid can bond with minerals such as iron, calcium,...