5 Nutrient-Rich, Non-Bloating Foods

Ever feel like certain “healthy” foods cause you some uncomfortable bloating, gas and constipation? Here are a few foods packed with vitamins, polyphenols and nutrients that can help you feel great without the bloat.

Acidic vs. Alkaline Foods

Some foods may seem obviously acidic such as citrus fruits and coffee. But, you may be surprised to learn that only one of these foods is actually acidic when metabolized in the body.

Worrying About Your Health is Bad for Your Heart

Do you worry that you’ll get sick, develop a serious illness, or be diagnosed with a chronic health problem? 

3 to 5 Cups of Coffee Daily May Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s

We Americans love our coffee. You can’t drive more than a mile in any major city without encountering a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. And it’s estimated that here in the U.S. we drink about 330 million cups of Joe a day. This may be good news, since studies suggest coffee offers numerous protective benefits....

Tricky Way to Eat Healthier Foods While Dining Out

Eating in dim light has been linked to eating more slowly… and ultimately eating less food than in brighter restaurants. But does that mean a low light atmosphere also encourages us to eat healthier foods?

What Your Bowel Movements Say About Your Health

Nobody likes to talk about their bathroom habits. But it’s hard not to wonder if your bowel movements are “normal” or not. 

Is Your Stressed-Out Partner Making You Fat?

If your spouse or significant other is stressed out, it might be a good idea to start watching your weight. That’s because your partner’s long-term stress levels may be adding inches to your waistline, suggests an intriguing new study. A team of researchers sampled a group of 2,042 married individuals. All of the participants...

Combination of Anger, Physical Exertion Could Triple Heart Attack Risk

In movies and television shows we often see characters collapse from a heart attack when they are angry or engaged in heavy physically activity. But is this something that happens in real life? According to new research, the answer is yes. Both anger and physical exertion can trigger a heart attack. And if you...

Are Your Headaches Getting Worse? This Could Be Why.

Everybody gets a headache every now and then. But if you get them more often than most, you may be at higher risk of developing thyroid problems. This is particularly true if you’re prone to migraine headaches. Hypothyroidism isn’t something to be taken lightly. When your body can’t make enough thyroid hormone it can...

Great News for Anyone Who Has Ever Had Acne

Putting up with acne isn’t any fun. It can be embarrassing and make you feel self-conscious about your looks. However, after all those years of misery, there may be a silver lining for acne sufferers. New research out of London finds that people who experience breakouts are more likely to have fewer wrinkles and...