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These 10 Foods Help Boost Metabolism

These superfoods will boost your metabolism and speed up your body’s energy intake by degrees — and spearhead a healthier lifestyle at the same time!

Recipe: Sizzling Lentil and Sweet Potato Chili

Lentils are very versatile and can be featured in soups, salads and a host of other dishes. Here is one where they are used as a substitute for ground beef.

Why Men Should Be Eating More Red Fruits & Veggies

A study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health finds eating a diet rich in red vegetables and fruit may help prevent prostate cancer in men.

Tips for Healthy Eating When You Live By Yourself

If you like to cook, there’s nothing better than putting together a nice meal for your family. In fact, you probably make a conscious effort to make sure your loved ones get plenty of vegetables, fish and other healthy food groups every time you whip something up in the kitchen. But would you do...

Find the Diet That’s Best For You

Now that we’re into January, many of us are working hard to keep our New Year’s Resolutions. Chances are good that eating a healthier diet is something that made the top of your list. However, with so many diets to choose from—and so many conflicting messages about the foods we eat—how do you know...

Tips for Healthier Fast Food Eating

It’s January, which means you may be trying to eat a little healthier. Eating at home and preparing your meals yourself can help ensure you’re limiting the fat and sugar. But, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, you will likely find yourself in need of a quick bite to eat. The occasional...

How to Pack the Perfect Grab-and-Go Lunch (PLUS Recipes!)

Using mason jars to prepare and store meals has several advantages. Here are some ideas for mason jar meals from around the web.

Top Your Salad with Eggs to Boost Nutrient Absorption

Eating a salad or two each day is a great way to get more vegetables in your diet. The problem is, you may not be getting the full health effect of the greens and other veggies placed in your salad. One of the key nutrients found in spinach, romaine and leaf lettuces, tomatoes and...

Eat a Variety of Healthy Foods for Maximum Health

These days we’re all on the bandwagon to eat healthier foods. And adding more nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables certainly fits the bill. However, if you’ve picked out a few favorites—and eat them over and over again—you may not be getting the nutritional diversity your body needs. For instance, if the only fruit you eat...

Three Easy Steps Say You CAN Eat Healthier

Grocery stores, restaurants and other food retailers have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to persuade you to buy certain products. They place certain items within easy reach and display them so they’re enticing. Ultimately, this makes them appear as obvious choices for you to make. For example, let’s look at what you might...