5 Heart Healthy Foods to Start Eating More Of

Here are five nutrient-dense foods that can help keep your ticker going strong.

Astaxanthin: Can This Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Also Save Your Vision?

The good news about the benefits of astaxanthin just keeps coming. Exciting new research on this antioxidant’s protective effects on the eyes and heart is especially promising.

Testosterone Replacement Treatments Increase Risk for Blood Clots

No man wants to lose his energy, stamina, strength and sex drive as he ages. But while getting your “mojo” back may sound like manna from heaven, testosterone replacement drugs have some very definite downsides.

75% of Cancer Stem Cells Died When Attacked By a Compound in These Veggies

Research shows that cruciferous vegetables like watercress and broccoli contain a substance that can kill cancer stem cells, which is a discovery that could help prevent the re-occurrence and spread of some malignancies.

Can Cinnamon Boost Your Brain Power?

Studies show that consuming cinnamon can enhance brain functions. It is believed that cinammon can also help fight cancer, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.

Eating Omega-3 Foods Tied to Lower Risk of Death from Heart Disease

Evidence of the health benefits from eating omega-3 foods continues to mount. A global epidemiological study found that including these foods in the diet modestly reduces the risk of death from heart disease.

Proton Pump Inhibitors May Prematurely Age Your Blood Vessels

If you have heartburn or acid reflux, you might be taking a proton pump inhibitor—or PPI—to help relieve your symptoms. The FDA estimates that about one in 14 Americans has used PPIs. Unfortunately, long-term use of these antacids is associated with several serious health conditions. These include heart disease, kidney problems and dementia.

Cut Blood Pressure by up to 7% in Three Hours

Today, Montmorency cherries are being hailed as a “super” food. Each small, tart fruit is full of antioxidant polyphenols that protect your health. Now, researchers find that when you drink the juice extracted from these cherries, you can lower your blood pressure by as much as 7 percent in just a few hours.

Short Bursts of Exercise Can Reverse Heart Problems in Just 12 Weeks

Studies show that short bouts of exercise can be effective in improving heart structure, function and in controlling diabetes.

Why is This Deadly Chemical Still Sold Like it’s No Big Deal? (It’s Possible You Breathe it Every Day)

Inhalation of the fumes of methylene chloride (MC), a common solvent in paint strippers, can cause sudden death – even in those who are young and apparently healthy. While product labels warm the public about its long-term cancer risk, they don’t make clear that it can be fatal with short-term exposure.