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7 Compelling Reasons to Start Eating Chia Seeds

It seems impossible that such a little seed could pack such a nutrient-dense punch, but chia seeds defy the odds – probably even more so than you thought. Here are 7 reasons you may want to start adding chia seeds to every meal!

Omega-3 Fats Slow Brain Aging and Protect Against Dementia

Your current circulating levels of healthy fatty acids could be influencing how your brain functions now, and how it will function in the years to come.

6 Things You Can Do Today for a Stronger Heart

In light of American Heart Month, are you doing all you can to strengthen and protect your ticker?

Why This Population Has the Healthiest Arteries in the World

A new study has found that the incidence of coronary atherosclerosis of a South American population is five times lower than that in the U.S. What can account for such a dramatic difference?

This Rogue Form of Cholesterol is Largely Unrecognized — And Dangerous

When it comes to your risk of heart disease, your most important number is oxLDL. It can literally predict certain health outcomes. For example, people with the highest levels of oxLDL have a four times higher chance of heart disease than those with the lowest levels. And the higher your levels, the more severe...

How Much CoQ10 Do You Really Need (Plus What Else You Need to Know)

You've likely heard of coenzyme-Q10 (also known as CoQ10). In fact, if you're over the age of 40, on a statin medication or have heart health concerns, chances are you take a daily CoQ10 supplement, but still have some lingering questions.

8 Heart-Healthy Reasons to Cheers on National Drink Wine Day

Resveratrol, the potent antioxidant substance found in red wine, has remarkable health benefits. So we’re pouring out 8 reasons why you should raise a glass and celebrate. Cheers!

Yikes! Who Knew This Could Cause Heart Failure, Too?

Long term exposure to air pollution may be linked to heart attacks and strokes by speeding up atherosclerosis.

What Cranberry Juice Can Do for Your Ticker

A new study finds that drinking two glasses of cranberry juice each day can improve heart health by lowering one's risk of heart disease and stroke.

Want to Reduce Heart Attack Risk by 80%? Just Sleep More

Getting a good night’s sleep can impact more than your mood, it can also greatly reduce your risk of having a fatal heart attack.