Natural Sugars 101: Your Guide to Natural Sweeteners and Sugar Substitutes

Live in the Now's guide to healthy sugar substitutes.

I Love You, Honey

I first discovered honey’s near miraculous ability to heal wounds when a quadriplegic friend of a friend underwent skin graph surgery for pressure ulcers.  It didn’t help. The ulcers came back. Another friend recommended honey. I was somewhat shocked.  These were serious ulcers.  Honey? Really?  Just slap on some honey? His ulcers healed up...

Breaking Food News: More Than 75 Percent of Honey Products are Fake

Is the honey that you purchased from your local supermarket a sweet imposter?

How Honey Might Help Fight Our Antibiotic Resistance Problems

One of the solutions to the global antibiotic resistance problem may lie in honey, as it has unique bacteria-fighting properties.

Skip a Painful Allergy Season By Acting Now!

The first day of spring is right around the corner and for many of us that means short sleeves, bike rides, fresh blooms... and unbearably uncomfortable allergies.

GMOs and the Dwindling Bee Population: The Deadly Connection

Another consequence of GMOs - honeybees are dying off at an alarming rate around the globe.

HFCS for the Bees?: How Big Agra Plans to Further Profit From the Killing Off the Honeybees

Instead of getting rid of the pesticides that are killing the bees, Big Agra wants to create a big new market for high-fructose corn syrup---for bees!?

Why Honey Surprisingly Good For Your Skin

It may be surprising to learn, but honey is a substance that can be applied topically to handle skin ailments ranging from cut and scrapes to sunburn.

GMO Alert: Startling New Research

New research confirms that GMOs not only threaten our health, they threaten our entire ecosystem.

Texas Honey Production Is Up As Drought Abates

Last year's droughts threatened bee populations and compromised honey production. But thanks to some rainy days, beekeepers believe honey product is on the up.