Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Can Boost Mental Health in Just Two Weeks

A new study shows increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables in the diet results in improved psychological wellbeing in two weeks.

It’s Proven: Love is Good for Your Health

Researchers have discovered that when someone feels positive emotions like gratitude, love or appreciation, the heart beats out a message that affect a person’s health.

What Good Posture Does For Your Mind (It’s Actually Pretty Surprising)

Most of us can still hear our mothers telling us to sit up straight, even if it has been decades since we were children. As frustrating as the order may have been at the time, a new study provides good reason for heeding the advice: It may completely change your mood — and in...

Alzheimer’s Prediction Tests Could Help You Prepare Sooner

The thought of developing Alzheimer’s disease is frightening. But if you could take a free, 100 percent accurate test to predict your risk of the disease, would you take it? 

Here’s One Thing You Can Eat to Reduce Depression Risk

A new study finds that the consumption of fish has yet another advantage: it may help fight depression.

An Unusual Way to Beat Negative Thoughts and Depression

Probiotics are well-known for their positive effects on your digestive tract. They improve digestion, eliminate gastric distress and can even boost immune function. Now, we’re learning probiotics can do even more for your health. A new study finds that just four weeks of probiotic use can help clear up bad feelings about events that...

Volunteering Just 2 Hours A Week Boosts Health, Happiness

If you have extra time on your hands, you might want to think about becoming a volunteer. It could make you happier, healthier and more physically fit. A group of researchers pulled together data from 73 studies involving people over 50 years of age who were volunteers. And they discovered a number of trends...

Why Everyone Should Try Kefir!

Each day it seems we receive further confirmation that the bacteria in our guts can profoundly affect our health. And it’s not just digestive problems that show this connection. An imbalance of “good” and “bad” bacteria can play a role in various diseases like diabetes, cancer, asthma, depression, mood disorders and obesity. Regularly eating...

Promising Way to Laugh Away Depression

One of the best cures for depression is laughter. So it’s a little surprising that no one has thought about using a drug that makes people laugh as a treatment for patients whose main symptom is that they’re so very sad. At least, that’s what the lead author of a new study has to...

Flower Power: 4 Health Benefits of Beautiful Blooms

We all know that flowers make us happy, but now science has found that flowers are also beneficial for our health.