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5 Heart Healthy Foods to Start Eating More Of

Here are five nutrient-dense foods that can help keep your ticker going strong.

Need to Lose Weight? It Might Be Time to Stop Dieting.

When you go on a diet and lose a few pounds, it’s a great feeling. But if you’re like many people, that extra weight may creep back up faster than you would like. Now, researchers are gaining an understanding of why this happens. It turns out that repeated dieting may trick your body into...

Combination of Anger, Physical Exertion Could Triple Heart Attack Risk

In movies and television shows we often see characters collapse from a heart attack when they are angry or engaged in heavy physically activity. But is this something that happens in real life? According to new research, the answer is yes. Both anger and physical exertion can trigger a heart attack. And if you...

Exercising Four Times Per Week Reversed Early Signs of Dementia

Developing dementia is one of the primary fears associated with aging, but new studies show cognitive decline isn’t necessarily inevitable in the golden years. They found physical exercise and a certain kind of mental exercise can make quite a difference in brain volume and function.

Melatonin Benefits: Can it Also Help Protect the Brain?

Melatonin benefits sleep patterns and is an excellent antioxidant. But could this nighttime compound also reduce your risk for Alzheimer's disease?

Truth Talk: How Long Do You Really Need to Exercise for Better Health?

It's been proven that even a small amount of physical activity, done regularly, can lower your risk of early death.

Too Much TV and Too Little Physical Activity Linked to Cognitive Decline 25 Years Later

We spend about half of our waking lives sitting down, whether it’s watching TV, in front of the computer or simply driving our cars. This lack of activity is now referred to as “sitting disease”. That’s because it increases your chances of some of today’s most common chronic disease, like type 2 diabetes, cancer...

Is Olive Oil the Answer to Warding Off Cancer?

Olive oil’s cancer cell-killing properties may unlock new potential for cancer treatments.

Can Exercise Prevent the Flu Better Than the Vaccine?

Performing vigorous exercise for at least two and a half hours per week can reduce your chance of catching the flu.

Study Finds Every Hour Spent Sitting Doubles Risk of Disability

Prolonged sitting can greatly effect your mobility.