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Consumer Alert: Sunscreen Chemicals Pose New Threat to Women

In a new study, British researchers found that common ultraviolet (UV) filters used in sunscreens were present in the breast tissue of 95 percent of women undergoing mastectomies.

Warning: “Margarita Skin” Is a Real Thing (and It’s Pretty Scary)

Beverages that contain fresh citrus can splash on the skin and create hypersensitivity to UV light called phytophotodermatitis or Margarita Dermatitis. This can trigger a chemical reaction in the skin that can lead to burning, blisters and hyperpigmentation. It's important to watch out if you're sipping on a drink with lime, like a margarita,...

5 Beauty Benefits of Exercise

Exercise produces great benefits aside from boosting energy, mood and general health. As workouts increase circulation to all parts of the body, including the skin, scalp and muscles, they enhance beauty. Here are some nice perks to expect. 1. Glowing Complexion You’re undoubtedly familiar with how your face feels flushed after a vigorous workout....

5 Foods That are Destroying Your Skin

The saying “beauty is skin deep" rings true. For healthy skin, avoid reaching for these foods (and drinks) that cause skin damage at your next meal.

5 Nutrients That Can Transform Your Skin

Which 2016 skin nutrient trends are actually backed by science and impressing skin health chemists? We found 5.

Study: This Nutrient is the #1 Key to Increasing Skin Hydration (By 96%!)

You are probably familiar with the age-old expression, “baby-soft skin.” It’s something we spend our youth taking for granted and our adult years longing for. And according to one study, this nutrient is the key to achieving that hydrated youthful glow once again.

Ditch Creams for Serums? How to Best Transition Your Skin Care Routine from Winter to Spring

Spring cleaning can apply to both your home and your skin care routine. Discover how to rejuvenate your routine and put your freshest face forward.

5 Ingredients You Must Avoid When Choosing a Sunscreen

Between toxic ingredients and robbing you of vitamin D, many products on the market designed to protect from the sun can actually be hazardous to your health.

10 Signs Your Pet May Have a Blood Sugar Imbalance

As weight management continues to be a problem for many dogs and cats, vets are finding canine and feline diabetes to be a growing concern.

How Changing Hormones Impact The Look of Your Skin

We all know that during menopause our hormones change drastically, but what you may not know that those hormonal changes can also cause major changes in your skin.