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Why take extra vitamin D? Let us count the ways---especially around this time of year.

We Must Stop Ignoring the Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency

Public Health England now recommends that everyone consider taking vitamin D supplementation in autumn and winter. This updated recommendation was based on a detailed look at evidence collected over the last five years, which suggests that it is difficult for people to receive sufficient levels of vitamin D through diet alone, particularly during...

5 Dangerous Myths About Your Bones

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Vitamin D May Help Clear Deadly Amyloid Plaque from the Brain

Breaking research shows that vitamin D plays a vital role in warding off Alzheimer's disease.

The Hip Bone’s Connected to the… Brain?

As it turns out, many seemingly unrelated body systems are, in fact, deeply connected. Researchers have found bone health is even connected to brain health.

Higher Vitamin D May Mean Lower Cancer Risk

Given the dire statistics on cancer in this country, it’s no wonder that researchers across the world are searching for not only a cure, but, maybe more importantly, something that offers cancer prevention. And it seems they just may have found one in vitamin D.

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