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Time-Restricted Eating: The Lost Key to Weight Loss?

According to nutrition experts the benefits of eating during a certain timespan include: reduced inflammation, increased detoxification, enhanced immunity, improved brain function, decreased risk of cancer and minimized effects of aging.

This Weight-Loss “Solution” Caused Five Deaths

Don't be fooled — this risky weight loss approach has already been linked to five deaths.

Drink This to Lose Weight and Fight Cancer?

Consuming apple cider vinegar (ACV) has multiple health benefits. Here are five health benefits that are backed by scientific research.

Sugar Free “Diet Soda” Causes Type 2 Diabetes Risk to Skyrocket

Since the consumption of sugar has been linked to diabetes, many people opt for diet sodas over sugary beverages in hopes that they will help protect them from the illness. However, research from Sweden's Karolinska Institute indicates the diet variety offers no protection. In fact, the results totally debunk the misinformation the diet soda...

Lower BMI Linked to Longer Life

In today’s modern world of fast and processed foods, it’s not surprising that obesity has become a public health crisis. But does your body size throughout your entire life have an impact? To find the answer to this question, researchers tracked body shape and mortality among participants in two long-running studies. This includes over...

Calorie Restriction Boosts Mood and Increases Sex Drive

Calorie restriction is something most people associate with weight loss programs. But today, scientists are learning that restricting calories—no matter what weight you are—can come with some impressive benefits. In a new study, researchers evaluated the effects on calorie restriction in 220 non-obese adults with BMIs from 22 to 28. These people were divided...

This Form of Chromium Curbs Appetite and Shrinks Fat Cells

Mounting scientific evidence suggests that taking a chromium supplement may be beneficial in both losing body fat and gaining muscle.

Coco Cola Helped Fund a Study to Claim Diet Coke Is Better for Weight Loss Than Water

Study concludes Diet Coke might be healthier than drinking plain water and promotes weight loss. So just how did researchers arrive at these conclusions?

Can Certain Berries Help with Weight Control?

A study comparing the obesity-fighting power of different foods found some fruits were among the most helpful for weight loss.