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Magnesium Guards Your Brain Against Depression

According to research, magnesium may curb symptoms of depression and it play a role in your mood and emotional state -- so why don't more doctors try magnesium therapy before resorting to dangerous drugs?

Need to Lose Weight? It Might Be Time to Stop Dieting.

When you go on a diet and lose a few pounds, it’s a great feeling. But if you’re like many people, that extra weight may creep back up faster than you would like. Now, researchers are gaining an understanding of why this happens. It turns out that repeated dieting may trick your body into...

High Fiber May be Key to Longevity

In an effort to cut through the noise, researchers set out to see if there was a simple dietary answer to our desire to age more healthfully and extend longevity.1 And given that previous research has shown that the simple act of adding adequate fiber to your diet can lower your risk of serious...

This Diet Boosts Mood and May Cut Breast Cancer Risk by 68%

Past research shows a link between the Mediterranean diet and an extraordinary array of disease-prevention benefits. The latest studies reveal two more advantages to add to the list -- fighting depression and breast cancer. It is becoming increasingly clear that this eating plan is a vital part of the formula for optimal health.

Compound in This Herb Found to Destroy Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Recent research found that Artichokes, celery and herbs, particularly Mexican oregano have been found to contain flavonoids that kill human pancreatic cells.

Top 8 Natural Sources of Magnesium

Eight foods that serve as great sources of the essential mineral magnesium.

Are You Deficient in The Mineral That Could Save You From Infections?

Research finds zinc can suppress inflammatory immune responses, which can lead to lower risk of infection and chronic disease.

Are You Eating Foods Known to Cause Depression?

Researchers are uncovering increasing evidence that shows what we eat can also affect our mental health.

3 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Health

Dr. Passero's 3 strategies for improving your health.

The Easiest Way to Dramatically Lower Stroke Risk

Taking steps to include more fiber in your diet could help to protect you from a stroke.