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Sugar Binge Recovery: 6 Ways to Reset Your System


unnamed-1 There’s certainly no shortage of news about the dangers of excess sugar consumption, or the risks associated with an occasional sugar binge.

Just this year, sugar has been linked to everything from increased cancer risk to increased heart failure risk to compromised brain function. And yet another study found sugar doubled the risk of early death — even when consumed in so-called safe doses.

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But, if you’re like most Americans, these headlines didn’t stop you from indulging in the sweet treats that were within arms reach this past weekend — it’s just once a year, right?

Us too. Sugar’s addictive nature makes it pretty hard to resist — literally. In light of this reality, we compiled a list of ways you can help your body recover from the 3-5 day sugar binge you just entertained.

1) After a Sugar Binge — Keep Eating

This may be surprising advice, but it’s true — the worst thing you can do after a sugar binge is skip meals. Studies have found that skipping meals over a long period of time activates BMI-increasing genes — not good.

After a few irresponsible days, your sugar stores are high. Dramatically cutting calories by skipping meals will only send your body into survival mode, causing it to hold on to these stores, rather than letting them go. In the days following a sugar binge, your best approach is to eat 4-5 small, low-fat meals a day, so that your metabolism stays revved up.

2) Increase Your Intake of 3 Key Sugar-Regulating Nutrients

There are three supplements that are especially effective when it comes to helping your body process sugar. In the days following a sugar binge, be sure to increase your intake of one (or all) of these:

  • Cinnamon Extract: Cinnamon can dramatically influence how the body processes sugar.  The spice has been clinically proven to support healthy glucose metabolism and blood sugar levels. Shoot for 250-500 mg a day for best results.
  • Chromium: Chromium helps the body regulate and reduce blood sugar levels. You can find this in supplement form, but another option is to add a chromium-rich Brewer’s Yeast to your diet.
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA): While you can find ALA in foods like spinach and broccoli, its “damage control” effects require doses that are not likely to be found in foods. To boost insulin sensitivity and  help the body better cope with a sugar rush, shoot for 200 mg a day.

3) Choose Foods High in Fiber

Try eating high-fiber foods such as kale, leafy green salads or broccoli. These low-calorie foods will help move things along in your digestive tract while keeping you full and satisfied. The American Heart Association recommends adding 14 or more grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed.

4) Drink More Water

With every sugar binge comes excess water retention, bloating and general soreness, thanks suagr’s tendency to trigger body-wide inflammation. After a sugar binge, shoot for at least 76-80 ounces of water the next day.

5) Take a 45 Minute Walk sugar

You can choose to take a long 45 minute walk, or three 15-minute power walks, but this post-sugar binge effort is a must. Walking will not only get your blood flowing — which is very cleansing — it will boost your metabolism, burn more calories and support the health of your pancreas (which produces insulin).


Perhaps the most critical rule when attempting to recover from a sugar binge is to stop eating sugar. While this sounds simple enough, many will find it unthinkably difficult to adhere to this post-sugar binge rule. Why? Because sugar is incredibly addictive. In fact, one recent study found the sweet white stuff to be even more addicting than cigarettes and heroine. The best approach is to just quit cold turkey.

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