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Cold Hard Facts: The Real Differences Between Organic and Conventional Foods


A big thanks to the reader who sent us this inforgraphic! When you look at an infographic like this, it’s hard to see why anyone would opt for conventionally grown foods over organic ones. The only logical explanation is cost, right? Even if one believes the push to rid of GMOs is hype without merit (as one commenter argued in the comments section of this article), isn’t it still just safer to consume organic foods in the interest of sparing your body exposure to other harsh chemicals and toxins? It’s as if we could apply some version of Pascal’s Wager here: it’s better to eat organic so that you have  “a chance [to] gain against a finite number of chances of loss, [when] what you stake is finite,” such as your health.

This infographic  presents pretty simple factoids about the foods we eat in a manner that makes the differences pretty indisputable, no matter where you lie on the organic vs. conventional spectrum.

So what are your thoughts? Do you buy organic 100% of the time or just try to avoid GMOs as much as possible?

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