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5 Fun (and Healthy) Fall Activities


Fall is the favorite season of many. From trips to the pumpkin patch and going on hayrides with loved ones to watching the leaves change from green to shades of red, orange and yellow, autumn brings many joys. And how about that air? That crisp, clean air is simply refreshing after the long months full of heat and humidity.

Fun Outdoor Fall Activities

The best part is that the fall season is packed with activities you can do outside. Here are five ideas that are not only fun, but also great calorie burners:

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1. Walk a Corn Maze (or Simply Go for a Walk)

Many local farms create elaborate corn mazes for their guests to enjoy. You can get stuck over and over again trying to find your way out. But no need to worry if a corn maze isn’t your thing, you can simply going for an easy walk can still burn some calories. At a leisurely pace of 2.5 mph — whether walking through a maze or along a trail taking in the beautiful fall foliage — a 150-pound person will burn about 200 calories in an hour. And that’s not all walking can do for your health, a recent study found that walking can boost your creativity by 60 percent.

2. Rake Up the Leaves

If you have a lot of trees in your yard, you’re sure to get a good workout raking up all the leaves that cover the lawn this season. In just 30 minutes a 150-pound person will burn around 150 calories. Bag up those leaves and take them down to the curb and you’ll burn even more!

3. Go Apple Picking

Don’t be surprised if you’re a little sore after a morning of picking apples. All that climbing and reaching really works your muscles. After an hour of apple picking, the average 150-pound person will burn 200 calories or so. Plus, snacking on apples is great for your health — apples contain nutrients that can help regulate blood sugar and build bones.

4. Play Flag or Touch Football

Fall kicks off football season. And football is a favorite pastime for many Americans. A lot of families have an annual tradition of going out after their Thanksgiving meal for a game of flag or touch football. And it’s a great workout! A 150-pound person can burn over 500 calories.

5. Go for a Bike Ride

Riding a bike throughout your neighborhood is a great way to take in the colors of the season. Even if you’re not very speedy on the bike, you’ll still get a good workout. At a speed of just under 10 mph a 150-pound person can burn 170 calories in an hour.

Fall is no time to stay cooped up at home. Get out there and take in all that the season has to offer. Walk. Ride. Rake. Enjoy!

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