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8 Aromatherapy Scents and What They Can Do for You


aromatherapy Aromatherapy suggests that you can extract volatile, or aromatic, compounds from plants and deliver them to the body. They are delivered via vapor or a topical solution. The purpose of the process is to alter mood, cognitive function or health.

Essential oils were traditionally used as antiseptics. They prevent infections. But over time, the focus on the benefits of aromatherapy scents has shifted. In the past, they were used as topical treatments. Now, they are used to influence the brain. It is believed that aromatic compounds are absorbed through the olfactory system. Then, they interact with the brain’s limbic system. This interaction creates a minor and temporary change in brain chemistry.

Aromatherapy scents

How Does this Work?

Aromatics is one of the more fascinating areas of organic chemistry. Aromas have a chemical structure all their own. For example, one of the more distinct aromatherapy scents from a pineapple is created by the presence of methyl butyrate. Roses smell lovely thanks to the compound geranyl acetate. The refreshing scent of lemongrass is due to the chemical compound citronellal. It’s all rather incredible, isn’t it?

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Understanding aromatic compounds makes it easier to see why aromatherapy scents are such a perfect complement to other wellness strategies. By using certain aromas in conjunction with activities such as reading, massage therapy or meditation, aromatic compounds can actually influence your brain’s chemistry. They can heighten your mood. They can also sharpen your mind in a way that’s safe and all natural. Here are the benefieight useful aromatherapy scents.

Popular Aromatherapy Scents and What They Can Do for You

1. Rosemary stimulates the brain. It can improve mental performance.

2. Peppermint oils are known to relieve mental fatigue. They also enhance alertness and memory.

3. Lemon has been known to enhance mental clarity. Plus, it can reduce stress and depression.

4. Eucalyptus oil is most commonly used to open the sinuses and bronchial passages. It is also used to relieve headaches and mental fatigue.

5. Lavender is one of the most widely used aromatherapy scents. It is uplifting and relaxing.

6. Jasmine is used to fight stress and anxiety. It is also an antidepressant.

7. Thyme may help improve memory. It can boost concentration too. Thyme has also been know to relax the nervous system.

8. Sandalwood is often used to calm the nerves. It induces relaxation. It has very spiritually warming properties.

It should be noted that the quality of an essential oil is important for its efficacy. Different brands use different aromatic concentrations. Not every brand places an emphasis on organic growing practices. You can find some great aromatic products at health food stores and organic markets. We know and trust our friends over at Mountain Rose Herbs. They grow all of their own herbs for their aromatic products. They use organic and GMO-free practices and offer over 100 different oils. You can also find some great organic aromatherapy kits online. This one from Edens Garden comes highly recommended.

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