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10 Kitchen Gadgets That Can Cut Your Food Prep Time in Half


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Few things beat new kitchen gadgets that help you chop, peel and prep your foods with ease and panache. As a self proclaimed “kitchen supply junkie,” I’ve kept my eye out all year for the most fun and effective kitchen tools around. Here are the 10 I think everyone should have in their homes, stat.

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The Nighttime Mistake That Damages Your Skin While You’re Asleep

Wouldn’t you like to wake up looking refreshed each morning, with skin that’s smoother, firmer and brighter than it was when you went to sleep the night before?

The truth is, something you’re probably doing night after night is impeding your skin’s nighttime rejuvenation process. So today, I’m going to tell you the secret to repairing your skin while you sleep, so you can safely and naturally be healthier and look younger.

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1. The Best Garlic Chopper

garlic chopper2

Say sayonara to the manual mincing that makes your hands smell like garlic for days. This garlic chopper is easy to use, easy to clean and minces garlic perfectly every time. And unlike many of the pricey garlic presses on the market, this inexpensive gadget won’t waste most of the clove. // See it here: Rolling Garlic Chopper

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One response to “10 Kitchen Gadgets That Can Cut Your Food Prep Time in Half”

  1. Mary Lahren says:

    More and more endocrine disrupting, carcinogenic plastic gadgets. No thanks and how could you endorse these products, then rant about plastics and chemicals?