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The Healing Power of Love (And Why Every Day Should be Valentine’s Day)


Painted heart Love. How often do you take time to think about how precious love is — whether it’s love for yourself or for others? Life can sometimes move at such a fast pace that love, a deep and pure emotion, is placed on the backburner. Instead of taking a few moments each day and being present to the warmth of the emotion within and attentive when expressing it to others, we often take love for granted.

Valentine’s Day should remind you of what love is and how important it is to acknowledge it daily, whether it’s love for yourself or for others. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on love for oneself and those you hold dear in your circle of family and friends, Valentine’s Day has been reduced to a day for celebrating solely with a partner or spouse. You are expected to spend a large sum of money and to treat love as nothing more than a feeling that can be placated by jewelry, dinner or candy.

The point is that every day should be “Valentine’s Day.” Every day should be a day to radiate, express, give and receive love.

Pushing this emotion away may lead to more harm than good. Both self love and love bestowed by others have been shown to reduce stress, reduce pain, promote faster healing, promote better blood circulation, support cardiovascular health and even help you live longer. Selflessly expressing love to others is also healing in nature, as holding emotions in can lead to tension and stress.

We are gifted with the ability to give and receive love in all its forms, and should cherish and accept that. Recognizing love’s embrace requires you to first love and accept yourself. This means accepting who you are: the good, the not so good and the parts of you may wish didn’t exist. Once you accept and love all of you, spiritually and physically, you will realize the love that surrounds you and it will be easier for you to express love to others.

As Valentine’s Day presents itself and the days that follow, begin fully expressing the love you have for yourself, your family, your friends and your pets. Honor yourself and those who are important to you. Take a few minutes every day and say, ”I love you,” with the fullest meaning that your heart can convey. Life is too short to wait until next Valentine’s Day.


Lissa’s passion for educating people about the healing powers of herbs led her to obtain a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine from the Tai Sophia School of the Healing Arts. She has also studied nutrition and women’s health extensively, and has trained as a doula.

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