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The Top 10 Live in the Now Articles of 2012



Happy 2013! In case you missed any of them, here are the top 10 most successful Live in the Now articles of 2012!

1. Guess What Kills One Person Every 19 Minutes?

2. 5 Reasons to Avoid Plastic Containers

3. The #1 Deficiency Damaging Your Brain

4. 6 House Plants That Improve Air Quality According to NASA

5. Warning: Farm-Raised Salmon Is a Serious Health Hazard

6. A Ridiculously Simple Way to Feel Better and Live Longer

7.  New Study Finds Statin Drugs Accelerate Hardening of Arteries

8. 7 Health Benefits of Consuming Cinnamon

9. The 10 Best Nutrients for Skin Health

10. 5 Fake Foods with a Disturbing Dark Side

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