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Top 8 Natural Sources of Magnesium


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Many types of nuts and seeds are high in , in fact a half cup of seeds is equivalent to nearly the entire recommended daily value of magnesium. Sesame and seeds, Brazil nuts, almonds, pine nuts, flaxseed, and even pecans and cashews are all loaded with magnesium, and are healthy foods when consumed in moderation.

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One response to “Top 8 Natural Sources of Magnesium”

  1. Stratos says:

    Would you please elaborate on why low or no fat yogurts are a good choice? In order to absorb calcium you need vitamin D, which is fat-soluble. Without dietary fat, vitamin D will not be absorbed by your body. That kind of defeats the purpose of eating yogurt.
    What’s more, full fat yogurt will keep you satieted for a longer period of time and it will not raise your blood sugar, therefore dietary fat will be used as fuel, it will not get stored in your fat cells.