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What Are the Best Nutrients for an Aging Dog?


Most dog lovers would agree: the only problem with dogs is their shorter life span. When your pup starts to slow down or wakes with morning aches and pains, it can be painful to watch and you want to do everything possible to make their golden years comfortable and healthy.

Always check with your veterinarian anytime your dog shows any significant changes in energy or mobility. But if the diagnosis is basic age-related issues, there are some natural solutions that have been shown to be effective in making him more comfortable throughout the years.

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Here’s How to End Your Dog’s Tummy Troubles – While Boosting Immune Health, Too

Are you one of the millions of Americans who take a probiotic every day?

I’ve advocated probiotics for people for a long time. And now, I’m happy to say the same health benefits can also apply to your four-legged best friend.

Probiotics are a safe, natural way to boost your pup’s gastrointestinal health, and a whole lot more!

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The Top Joint Health Nutrients for Dogs

Mobility is probably the biggest concern. Instead of bolting after every squirrel, your senior pooch may have become a little more selective with his movements. Protecting your dog’s joint health is important, especially with larger breeds. Keep your dog at a healthy weight to minimize weight on joints, which may mean adjusting his food and treat intake in line with his reduced physical activity.

Adding a natural supplement can also help. Look for a formula that contains powerful doses of both omega-7 and hyaluronic acid (like Charlie’s Choice® ProJoint PLUS™), which have extensive research backing their ability to support optimal joint health and comfort.

Boost Your Dog’s Brain Power and Heart Health With Antioxidants and Omega-3

Increasing your dog’s antioxidant intake can also yield positive results, particularly for supporting cognitive function and memory, and for fighting diseases. Try adding some antioxidant-rich foods, such as berries or apple slices, as nutritional a boost and a low-calorie, single ingredient treat.

Products rich in omega-3 fatty acids are another known way to support aging, such as fish, krill or algae oil. Green lipped mussels are a natural source that most dogs love. A diet rich in omega-3s help support cardiovascular and brain health, reduce inflammation, keep the skin and coat healthy, and support joint health as well. Check out Charlie’s Choice® ProMega3 PLUS™ for a potent omega-3 formula.

Before giving your dog new supplements, always run the product past your trusted veterinarian first to make sure it doesn’t contain any ingredients that aren’t suitable for your dog. You’ll also want to get your veterinarian’s opinion on dosing, as well as any possible interaction with your dog’s current medicine.

And don’t forget the best medicine of all — lots of love and TLC. A few extra belly rubs and ear scratches can make your pooch forget all about those squirrels he’s no longer busy chasing.


MZX_6893-Edit (2) Dr. Katy Nelson is the mother of five – two human and three animal – kids, an avid nutrition and fitness enthusiast, and an admittedly rabid Louisiana sports fan. She is an associate veterinarian at the Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre in Alexandria, VA., as well as the host and executive producer of “The Pet Show with Dr. Katy” on Washington DC’s News Channel 8. A Certified Veterinary Journalist (CVJ) accredited by the American Society of Veterinary Journalists (ASVJ), Dr. Katy is the Animal Health Reporter for ABC7 News, and serves as “Dr. Pawz” on WTOP Radio. Dr. Katy is also a founding partner of, a national health and fitness initiative aimed at getting people healthy alongside their dogs, and serves as a media and marketing consultant for numerous pet-related companies and media outlets.

A lover of all animals, Dr. Katy carves out time for many charitable organizations in the DC area and beyond. In early 2012, Dr. Katy teamed with Emmy-Award winning producer Judy Plavnick to form Sit. Good Girl Productions, LLC, their first production is the documentary Tell Them I Am Kind, the story of the creation of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary.

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