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What Drinking More Water Can Do For Your Skin + 7 Other Reasons to Choose the Clear Stuff



Everyone knows that is good for the body, but it is all too easy to lose sight of just how important this basic necessity is to a healthy, productive body — and of whether or not we actually drink enough. Especially when compared to the mostly unhealthy contents of widespread sugary drinks, such as soda, Kool-Aid or Hi-C, sweetened teas, sports and drinks, and even juices, drinking more water can have countless, positive effects. So if you need any extra motivation to do guzzle down a little more H2O, consider all these reasons why you should drink more water. (Number 3 is so impressive!)

1. Aids

Water can indirectly aid in weight loss by making you feel more full and thereby reducing your intake of excess food and calories. Beyond that benefit, water helps to remove the by-products of fat, is a natural suppressant, and even helps to raise your metabolism. Best of all, water has zero calories, so you can drink as much as you like without gaining weight.

2. Removes

Water supports the body’s natural ability to flush out toxins, whether through urination or sweat, and the body performs these functions best with ample amounts of water. It can also help to remove toxins that sometimes build up in tissues and organs, especially within the kidneys, where water improves function and reduces the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

3. Improves Skin Complexion

You can improve the appearance and complexion of your skin by drinking more water. It will help to moisturize your skin and keep it fresh and lively, all while reducing wrinkles and other blemishes. In fact, one woman conducted an experiment to see if drinking upwards of 99 ounces of water a day for 4 weeks could improve her complexion and, while there is talk that the final results (pictured above) may be slightly touched up, there is no denying that drinking more water improved her overall skin tone and texture. Basically, drinking more water can help you to naturally look (and feel) younger.

4. Boosts Energy and Physical Performance

Muscles, and the body as a whole, perform better with the appropriate amounts of water, which help to promote good blood flow.  Similarly, it improves the function of the heart, helping to distribute oxygen throughout the body. Finally, ample water helps to keep joints and muscles lubricated, improving elasticity and reducing the risk of cramps, sprains, and other injuries.

5. Fights Diseases and Illness

People who drink lots of water are less likely to get sick, whether from common ailments like a cold or the flu, to more serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease. The presence of water in the blood helps it to be more fluid, reducing pressure on blood vessels and the heart, which in turn helps to reduce blood pressure, protect against heart attack and stroke, and the formation of blood clots.

6. Prevents Headaches

Headaches are very commonly caused from , so consuming more water is a quick way to naturally prevent and remedy most headaches. Plus, a well-hydrated has been shown to help improve cognitive ability and mental function, and can help improve short term too.

7. Better Digestion

Water is critical in aiding digestion and the breakdown of foods, while helping to relieve constipation and assure proper bowel function in the process.  Increasing your water intake is the first step in treating constipation, and may even help you to retain more nutrients.

8. It’s Free!

Well, at least it’s almost free.  Even if you require filters or large-scale water bottle systems, it’s certainly much cheaper than every other type of drink.  With access to good tap water, whether from a private well or city water lines, drinking plenty of water only costs pennies, and even people who prefer or require bottled water can get plenty for a fraction of the cost of other drinks.  Plus, as mentioned earlier, water will help to make you feel full, potentially saving you from unnecessary snacking and extra calories.

How Much Water?

Opinions range to some extent on this matter, but generally speaking, if you drink water with most of your meals and throughout the course of the day, you will probably consume enough water to obtain the cited benefits.  Some sources recommend consuming at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, while others recommend dividing your weight in half, and then drinking that many ounces of water daily.  Whatever approach works for you, the important thing is to start drinking more water immediately, and begin to reap the benefits.  With water being natural, cheap, and widely available, you really have nothing to lose.

Derek is a technical writer and editor with 10 years of experience in the health care field, having first earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Delaware. He is a contributing author on a number of textbooks in the medical field, ran a nuclear cardiology licensing course, and has written a variety of other pieces from online training courses to medical software manuals. Derek pursues his personal interest in health and wellness by playing multiple sports and running marathons. An insatiable traveler, he spent 16 months working and living abroad while traveling through South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

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2 responses to “What Drinking More Water Can Do For Your Skin + 7 Other Reasons to Choose the Clear Stuff”

  1. susan cole says:

    I love this site . I’m giving this to my son when I see him .
    Or I’ll email him it . This is wonderful .

  2. Shannon says:

    I drink decaffeinated green tea with white tea added. I make it myself by boiling or almost boiling the water and adding 4 tea bags. I drink it throught the whole day almost instead of sodas. Is this the same as drinking water as its water + green tea and white tea and both of those are good for you?