Articles by Carolyn Banach, MS, RD

6 Simple Ways to “Spring Clean” Your Health

Spring is in the air! When I think of the spring season, I think of two things: the growth and rejuvenation of life around me and, of course, the “spring cleaning” of winter’s clutter around the house. Chances are you use the spring season as a trigger to make a clean, fresh start with your surroundings, but -- like many -- neglect the opportunity to reset your body and boost its ability to clear the plaques, chemicals and fat that accumulated over the winter.

7 Healing Herbs and Spices that Rival Drugs and Meds

Why take chemical-laden medications when there are safe, natural alternatives available that can be just as effective? In fact, there are seven extremely beneficial spices and herbs that I like to call “must haves” in my home. These plants offer a wide spectrum of healing powers, and can help you take back your health – naturally.

Trouble Breathing? These 6 Supplements May Be Able to Help

Like arthritis, asthma is described as a chronic inflammatory condition. Chronic inflammatory conditions are characterized as a reaction caused by irritants, stress, pathogens or free radical overload. These invaders shift immune reactions into overdrive, resulting in aggravated and inflamed tissues.

9 Common Foods That Can Be Deadly (and How You Can Eat Them Safely)

It is not surprising to read that whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are an essential part of a healthy diet. But---shocker---if you're not careful, some of these foods can actually be poisonous, damaging to your health and even deadly. Here are nine common foods to lookout for, and tips for how you can consume them safely.

Fast Food Companies: Stop Selling Obesity as a “Deal”

Americans spend $110 billion on fast food annually, often in the name of ‘saving a buck.’ And with promotional tag lines like “a quality meal doesn't have to break the bank,” it’s easy to see how many consumers are fooled into thinking they’re doing themselves a favor---even if they aren’t disillusioned about the nutritional quality of the food. But, are fast food consumers paying dearly in the end?

Two Best-Kept Secrets to End Joint Pain For Life

To relieve nagging joint pain, people will try everything from swimming in the Dead Sea to taking a whole host of pharmaceutical and OTC drugs. And while these remedies are sometimes known to produce temporary results, they don’t solve the underlying problem.

Are These the Two Best Nutrients For Brain Health?

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry just may quiet some of the anxiety we all face about growing older.