Articles by Dana Nicholas

Can a New Checklist Help Identify Cognitive Decline?

Eighteen subject matter experts participated in development of the Mild Behavioral Impairment Checklist (MBI-C), a 34-item instrument, which can easily be completed by a patient, close informant, or clinician.

Here’s More Proof That Exercise is Medicine – Even for Your Gut

A new study shows that, in addition to boosting year heart health and keeping you slim, exercise may also improve the ratio of beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome.

Want to Protect Your Vision? An Orange a Day May Do The Trick

Researchers found that people who eat oranges regularly have a dramatically lower risk of developing age-related macular degeneration.

Is BPA a Risk Factor For IBD?

Groundbreaking new research suggests BPA may be a leading factor in irritable bowel disease.

Feel Younger Than Your Years? Good News for Your Brain

Research shows that subjective age — not how old we are, but how old we feel — is an important predictor of health during our later years.

Researchers Breakdown When You Go From Hungry to “Hangry”

It turns out that hunger alone isn’t the driving force when it comes to the distinction between hunger and hanger.

Even Slightly Elevated Blood Pressure Increases Dementia Risk

Many studies have linked raised blood pressure in midlife to an increased risk of dementia in later life.

Vitamin D Linked to Decreased Breast Cancer Risk

A new study suggests that correcting a vitamin D deficiency may lower the risk of breast cancer by as much as 80%.

Consumer Alert: Is Your Toothpaste Putting You at Risk of Colon Cancer?

Studies suggest triclosan can disrupt thyroid function, alter hormone levels, weaken cardiac and skeletal muscle, and contribute to antibiotic resistance. So why is this ingredient still found in some brands of toothpaste?

Worse Than Sponges? The Hidden Source of Dangerous Bacteria Lurking in Your Kitchen

Unknown by many, kitchen towels may be one of the top sources of potential bacterial contamination.