Articles by Erin Kinney, ND

The Detox Mistake That Can Sabotage Your Health

Here are all the details you need to know about how to safely remove toxins from your body, so you can look and feel great for a long time to come.

This Smoothie Ingredient Can Reset Your Health

If I could give you just one piece of dietary advice, it would be to worry less about eating perfectly at every meal, and focus more on incorporating superfoods into your diet on a daily basis.

The Easiest Way to Reset Your Health in Just 5 Days

Discover how eliminating toxic overload by cleansing the right way can make you look and feel better now, while saving you from the dangers of more serious health issues later on.

Constipation Relief (That Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About)

Discover the natural way to “get regular” again — and it’s the choice of professional herbalists worldwide.

5 Surprising Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

What many don't know is that digestive enzymes can actually help to increase your energy, increase the effectiveness of a colon or liver cleanse, improve the quality of your hair and so much more.

4 Tips to Lower Chronic Pain Now

Here are four ways you can naturally reduce overall inflammation in your body and thus reduce chronic pain.

The 21-Day Full Body Reboot

If you're dealing with issues like bloating, indigestion or weight gain...headaches, fatigue or irritability...lackluster skin, hair or nails...or if you're just feeling a bit "off"'re likely experiencing toxic overload.

Urinary Tract Relief That Starts in Hours

If you've ever suffered (or are currently suffering) from urinary tract problems, you know how vital it is to get both rapid and long-lasting relief. Here's the natural solution you've been longing for.

10 Ways to Safely Relieve Vaginal Dryness

Here are some safe things you can try on your own to help relieve vaginal dryness that do not require a prescription or doctor's office visit.

A Clinical Breakthrough In Natural Menopause Relief

For many of the roughly 80% of women who experience symptoms associated with this natural life transition, the most frustrating part of dealing with “the change” isn’t even a symptom; it’s the frequently dashed hope of finding something — anything — that will provide relief. Until this breakthrough came along.