cognitive decline

Feeling Forgetful? Better Lay Off These Foods

Researchers from the Mayo clinic recently linked two classes of foods with increased risk for cognitive decline.

Top 13 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Coffee

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Brain Impairments? Curcumin to the Rescue (Again)

Age-related cerebrovascular dysfunction, conditions affecting the blood vessels of the brain, is epidemic in our culture. But now, promising findings of a recent study suggest curcumin may be an effective solution.

Doing This Can Take 10 Years Off the Age of Your Brain

Ten years of aging can make quite a difference in brain function. According to a new study, this benefit could possibly be yours if you exercise regularly.

Love Chocolate? This Study Confirms There’s a Brain-Boosting Reason to Indulge

The list of reasons to eat chocolate keeps getting longer. Now, science brings us another reason to indulge in chocolate. Check out these chocolate facts.

What Sugary Beverages Really Do to the Adolescent Brain

Sugary beverages produce inflammation in the hippocampus, the area of the brain involved in the formation, storage and organization of memory.

The Common Spice That Can Dissolve Deadly Brain Plaques and Prevent Memory Loss

The latest science is showing that you can significantly reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s with some simple strategies that most anyone can implement. And by taking action now, you truly can stack the odds in your favor for keeping your brain healthy, so you can enjoy the years ahead without becoming a burden...

7 Reasons We All Need More Omega-3s

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Save Your Brain by Checking Food Labels for This Memory Robbing Additive

Research found that those who ate the most trans fat have a 10 percent reduction in the words that they recall.

Drinking Coffee May Put the Brakes on Cognitive Decline

Coffee polyphenols are among the short list of compounds that may help ward off Alzheimer’s disease.