7 Different Coughs and What They Could Mean

A cough is your body’s way of clearing breathing passages, and it often signifies an underlying disease is present. Here are some conditions that produce coughs, the difference in their manifestations and natural approaches for their remediation.

COPD Associated with Low Vitamin D3 Levels

New research finds an association between low vitamin D levels and COPD rates.

Accupuncture Found to be Effective for COPD

A small study out of Japan found that acupuncture was an effective, natural therapy for those who suffer from COPD.

Reduce Fatigue Using 3 Simple Breathing Techniques

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Nutritional Support for Better Breathing

There s more you can do for your COPD.

Popcorn Can Help Save Your Life

Lots of studies say eating whole grains -- including popcorn -- may help save you from heart disease, diabetes and cancer.