Gardening Produces Multiple Health Benefits

Can two gardening sessions per week make a difference in your physical and psychological health? In a recent study, this activity produced smaller waistlines as well as improvements in endurance, hand dexterity, cognition and mood.

5 Signs Your Dog is Stressed and How You Can Help

Just like people, dogs experience stress too. Here are five common signals your pup is feeling anxious and some ways you can help.

8 Heart-Healthy Reasons to Cheers on National Drink Wine Day

Resveratrol, the potent antioxidant substance found in red wine, has remarkable health benefits. So we’re pouring out 8 reasons why you should raise a glass and celebrate. Cheers!

6 Surprising Ways to Increase Your Life Expectancy

While it’s true that people are living longer these days, it’s not a guarantee. Here are 5 surprising ways to increase your life expectancy.

These Steps Can Prevent One in Three Breast Cancers

Most people believe that cancer is hereditary… that if they have the “gene for it” there is nothing they can do to stop it. 

Need to Lose Weight? It Might Be Time to Stop Dieting.

When you go on a diet and lose a few pounds, it’s a great feeling. But if you’re like many people, that extra weight may creep back up faster than you would like. Now, researchers are gaining an understanding of why this happens. It turns out that repeated dieting may trick your body into...

5 Beauty Benefits of Exercise

Exercise produces great benefits aside from boosting energy, mood and general health. As workouts increase circulation to all parts of the body, including the skin, scalp and muscles, they enhance beauty. Here are some nice perks to expect. 1. Glowing Complexion You’re undoubtedly familiar with how your face feels flushed after a vigorous workout....

Exercise Linked to Lower Risk of 13 Types of Cancer

Exercise is tied to a reduction in cancer risk. A new study finds even a little exercise significantly cuts the risk of 13 types of the disease.

Is a Fatty Liver Breaking Your Heart?

There used to be a time when most cases of fatty liver were linked to excessive use of alcohol. But these days, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is on the rise. It affects about 30 percent of all Americans, and an estimated 70 percent of diabetics have this disease.

Exercise May Cut Risk of 13 Types of Cancer

There are plenty of reasons to get up and get moving. Physical activity helps you lose weight, protects your heart, keeps your mind sharp and reduces your chance of developing diabetes. Now, there’s another benefit that you can add to the list… and it’s a big one. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute and...