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Love Spicy Things? Chili Peppers May Increase Longevity

Spicy food is good for you. Earlier studies have associated chili pepper with a range of health benefits, and a new study provides evidence that it may even help extend your life.

This Salad Combination Lowers Blood Pressure

This tasty salad combination in not only palate-pleasing, but may help lower blood pressure levels.

Drink This Juice to Extend Your Nightly Sleep by 90 Minutes

Studies show that drinking tart cherry juice two times a day can give you up to 90 more minutes of sleep at night.

7 Things You Can Do to Cut Your Risk of Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition that happens when your heart can’t pump enough oxygen-rich blood through your body. It’s not something that occurs suddenly, and it doesn’t mean you’re about to die. However, it does worsen over time. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, at age 40 men and women have a...

Are Probiotics a New Way to Control Blood Pressure?

Fortunately, it’s increasingly common for well-informed, people to stock up on probiotics to help keep digestive symptoms at bay, keep bowel movements on schedule and boost immune response. But these days, we’re learning that maintaining healthy gut flora can do a lot more than that. The good bacteria found in probiotics have been shown...

Sugar Changes Muscle Proteins in a Way That Could Cause Heart Failure

Recent research reveals that consuming too much sugar can lead to a condition known as heart failure.

This Tea Can Lower Risk of All-Cause Death by Nearly One-Quarter

Polyphenols found in fresh brewed tea may lower the risk of premature death in aging adults.

Surprising Study Finds Low Salt Diet Might Pose Health Risk

New research suggests that cutting back too much on sodium may be hazardous to your health.

Eating Probiotic-Rich Foods May Help With Blood Pressure Control

Eating probiotic foods can lower blood pressure and reduce heart attack and stroke risk.